New Year's Wedding

Why are off-season weddings a great idea?

We are slowly approaching the end of the wedding season. Most of the engagements have been done, I believe that all florists in Zagreb have a lot of satisfied clients behind them, and now we are preparing for a break.

But why is that?

Often, newlyweds have a fear of getting married in late autumn / winter, the biggest problem is of course bad weather.

Wedding zagreb

Given that time is always unpredictable, I think that fear is completely unnecessary.

There's something magical about fall/winter weddings.

Since they are not popular, your wedding is different from most.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of a wedding like this is that you can get great deals and that's how you save money. Except, of course, new year.

I decided to divide this text into three works, autumn, winter and New Year's Eve, in order to better show why I think this time of year is great for your perfect day.


Autumn is the time of year when seasonal flowers take on beautiful bright colors.

Autumn wedding decorations

There are also adorable supplements such as apples, pumpkin pumpkins...

Wedding decoration

By merging these elements and playing with them, it is perfect for all newlyweds who want a rustic, natural look.

As far as the weather is concerned in autumn, everything is possible, from warmer sunny days, to rainy and cold ones.

Essentially in the fall, celebrations are planned indoors for "just in case".

Your wedding would definitely brighten up the routine of your guests that follows your summer vacation.

autumn wedding ideas

Also, just imagine photos with your darling and beautiful colors of autumn leaves.


I have to admit that winter weddings are especially attractive to me.

In addition to the beautiful photos of the newlyweds and the snow that surrounds them, in a way I think they always exude luxury.

wedding bouquet winter

Although, decorations adapt to personal taste, winter weddings usually consist of shades of green and white, combined with colors as desired. Also, there are branches, cinnamon, numerous candles, acorns....

Personally, the combination of these elements is incredibly appealing to me.

winter wedding decoration

Winter is a time of family, merriment and decoration. All these elements can be incorporated into wedding decorations, to make it as personal as possible.

If you are a big fan of Christmas and winter, this is definitely the perfect option for you.

winter wedding decoration

I believe winter weddings are especially magical, and they definitely remain in the memory for a long time.

New Year's Eve

Although The New Year falls under winter, I think it deserves a special passage.

New Year's Wedding

This choice is great for the "bravest" but also for those with a larger budget.

In late autumn-winter weddings, we have already mentioned potential discounts and savings on all fronts, the New Year is a financially completely opposite story.

Most Work on New Year's Eve charges more for obvious reasons.

Therefore, if you decide to do this venture, think carefully about your budget.

New Year's Wedding

If you have a close circle of friends and family, this is definitely the perfect day for your wedding.

On New Year's Day, people are in the mood to celebrate and celebrate. If you incorporate your wedding into it, there is no end to the joy.

As for decorations, black and gold are often used in combination with flowers that suit the occasion.

Wedding New Year

Wedding New Year

By combining the New Year and your special day, usually as a result we can see decorations full of glamour, champagne, gold accessories...

On Pinterest, there is a trend of using vintage watches in this type of decoration. I certainly think it's an interesting detail that can round out the whole story.

For more photos and inspirations on the topic, check out our Pinterest profile here.

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