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A trap called Pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool for almost everything, but we have to make sure we look at images realistically.

I often mention Pinterest on the blog, it is the starting point between the bride and me when we start planning her decorations. I also apply it with business clients, but I also use it when studying world trends.

Everyone who uses Pinterest as much as I have experienced at least once disappointment when the finished project was not as great as the photo that inspired us.

For this reason, I think this post is essential for all those who are trying DIY from Pinterest, but especially for brides for whom it serves as inspiration.

I will base this post on the experience with decorating and Pinterest inspiration, since I encounter this category every day. Also, I often meet with clients who have unwittingly fallen into the "Pinterest trap".


  • Trap number 1. filters

Flowers blog pinterest

As in everything we watch and study, everything looks more beautiful on the Internet.

This is due to all of our dear filters.

Thanks to them, all the photos we take look much better than in reality. Which is great when we want our image of the sky on Instagram to look perfect, but it's also a really big trap on Pinterest.

As on all other social networks, the images on Pinterest are photoshopped and filtered. Because of this, interiors look more beautiful, diy projects with coloring look perfect, and the color of flowers has nothing to do with reality.

This is an essential thing that brides need to be aware of, certain types of flowers that they have seen in bouquets that inspire them, look completely different in reality. Flowers are a living being that, as much as we want it to be, cannot always be perfect.  It comes in all colors and shapes, but it's normal to have a flaw. The flowers you look at in the pictures also in reality have flaws such as spots, disproportionality, etc. But, thanks to photoshop and filters, in photos it looks absolutely perfect.

  • Trap number 2. angle of photography

garanda pinterest

To explain this trap as best as possible I will take the example of garland, but in fact this technique is often used when depicting the decoration of the table, whether it is related to the wedding or not. Often, table decorations are painted from above, especially when it comes to our example with garland. They are painted in this way for the reason that from this angle what we want to show looks best.

With the garland example, this is really a problem. Brides think that garland is enough for extraordinary decoration (which can be if the volume and amount of flowers is large) while in reality, the performance of the perfect garland requires much more material and of course, a larger budget.

The problem is, of course, in the photos that serve us as inspiration. If it is a "poorer" version of this decoration, you will not come across a picture painted from a sitting position. More specifically, you'll hardly find a display of this decoration to see what it looks like from the perspective of a guest at your wedding.

This is quite an important thing, because usually newlyweds notice this trap only on the day of their wedding when the decorations are already set.


table decoration pinterest

  • Trap number 3. display tables without the necessary accessories.

If you look at any table decoration you will see a lot of flowers, beautiful accessories for eating, perfectly designed menus, candles... But you won't see all that's still coming to the table.

At your wedding, depending on the arrangement you have with the hall on your tables, you will have additional elements that are not shown in these photos. I mean salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, drinks, maybe a platter with an appetizer, cakes and stuff.

Why am I saying this? Because there is no such thing in these pictures, the whole table occupies eye-pleasing decorations. At a real wedding, compromises should be made so that the tables are not only beautiful, but also functional for your guests.

  • Trap number four. Styled shoot

Styled shoot is a professional shooting (in this case a wedding), in which a fictitious decoration and photos are created for the purpose of promoting brands. 

And 90% of wedding photos on Pinterest are just that, a creation for the need to take pictures, not a real wedding.

Wedding blog pinterest

These photos can be great to recognize what you like, but not necessarily to get a vision of your perfect wedding.  Since this is not a real wedding, do not fall into the trap and expect a copy of these wonderful photos.

I believe this trap can cause a dose of frustration when expectations are not met in reality.

You need to find the golden mean (a florist will help in this) to make your space visually beautiful, but at the same time functional for a real wedding.

When planning a wedding according to stylized photos, be prepared for compromises. At the end of the day it will pay off, with the wow effect achieved by decorations and ensured comfort for your guests, you are on the perfect path to a wedding that will be remembered for a long time.

  • Trap number 5. DIY 

I wrote about this in a previous blog post, but I think it should definitely be mentioned here.

On Pinterest, we can often read how to successfully make a DIY wedding, while in reality it should only be received if you are 100% sure that this is exactly what you want.

But the biggest trap in the DIY world of weddings is posts that suggest where to order flowers online.

Although this is possible without having a registered business dealing with flowers, this is a very bad decision.

Ordered flowers online must arrive just a few days before your wedding so as not to wither.

So, if there are some shortcomings (and they almost always exist) you do not have enough time to correct them, find a florist, and you spent the budget on the wrong flowers.

diy wedding pinterest

Also, it should be mentioned that these flowers come from all over the world, and if something goes wrong there (such as recent hurricanes in North and South America), your flowers will not arrive in time.

My advice is that if you are engaging in DIY, avoid online ordering and head to our Green Market in the early hours of the morning.

Another DIY-related tip, be sure to keep all these pitfalls in mind when engaging in it. Professionals can't recreate some of these photos either, so don't be yourself when your final score isn't "Pinterest perfect."

And finally...

Pinterest is the perfect tool to visually make it easier to showcase what you've imagined. If you are aware of these pitfalls and pay attention to them, this social network can be the starting point when planning your wedding. Falling into traps is easy, and that's why it's essential that you seek the advice of a professional in this business to offer you the perfect solutions for your vision.

For any questions and advice Bloom is at your disposal on or Fb Bloom Croatia

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