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Wedding bouquet – Ideas and inspiration

Wedding is a special day in the life of every woman, and in the sea of decoration definitely the most important is the wedding bouquet.

Since we try to understand the needs of all our clients, including brides, we devote a lot of time to reading forums, blogs and comments in order to better understand what exactly the average Bloom user wants.

Understanding what women want is quite difficult even though we ourselves are feminine. But what is obvious is that every bride wants her wedding to be special, beautiful and to reflect her personality and the personality of her chosen one.

In addition to the beautiful wedding dress, which is an extremely important part of any wedding, comes a bouquet that should be just as special. Of all the decorations, it is this bouquet that will be most noticed, in the most photos and on the vast majority of videos. This is why it is extremely important and needs special attention.

We all know what a classic wedding bouquet looks like and finding the perfect example of it doesn't take much effort, but what about those different bouquets? Where to start?

We understand that brides in the mess of the organization do not have time to look for the perfect wedding bouquet and often agree to last-minute compromises. That's why we've explored for you unusual, different and cool bouquets that can perfectly describe your personality.


Succulents fit perfectly with literally all flowers. Whether you like minimalism, classics, colors or more greens, just one succulent can give your bouquet a completely new, unique look.


wedding bouquet


 "Disheveled" bouquets

Bouquets that are not in strict shape but give a somewhat wild impression are currently very blue and we must admit that we also adore them.

It is possible to combine all kinds of flowers in this style, and it fits perfectly into all wedding themes. Luxury, boho, vintage, classic... these wild bouquets are for a reason an absolute 'must have' in the world of weddings.

wedding bouquet

 Protea, Queen of Africa

Protea is an exotic flower with which we had the opportunity to work in our Easter editorial in Bloom.

She's very popular with brides right now and we're extremely pleased about that.

In addition to being durable and withstands all weather conditions, Protea is an extremely effective flower. It works perfectly in the arrangement, but what's interesting is that it works even when it's alone.

It is a great choice for all brides who are ready to experiment and love anything that is unusual.

wedding bouquet ideas

 Olive twigs

Olive branches are associated with a beautiful symbolism of peace, so this is an excellent choice for all girls who want a 'statement' bouquet that will look elegant at the same time. It fits best with a minimalist, clean style.


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Go green

Greenery can be extremely effective, it is an indispensable part of rustic and boho décor.

But what would a bouquet look like in which greenery prevails? We say it looks fascinating!

In addition to being an interesting choice for a wedding bouquet, as a rule, greenery is the most durable. With bouquets like this, you don't have to worry about whether they'll hold out until the end of the celebration or not.

modern flowers for the wedding


Lavender is gentle, romantic, fragrant... It beautifies our yards in the summer, and in the past few years we can see it more and more often as part of wedding decorations. Great for romantics, summer brides and those whose vision of the perfect wedding is simplicity.

summer wedding flowers


And finally, we bring you a few more extremely creative and special bouquets that will not leave anyone indifferent.


Branches of Magnolia as a substitute for a classic bouquet.


Ball as an alternative to a bouquet

Flower ball is a great choice not only for brides but also for godmothers and bridesmaids.



A flower ball inspired by Minnie mouse, for all girls who refuse to grow up.


Decorative pineapple

Decorative pineapple for a dose of exotic.

Arrangement on the ring

Arranged ring as an alternative to a classic bouquet.


Cotton as the perfect choice for a creative Rustic wedding.


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