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Wedding theme – Travel- ideas for your perfect wedding!

The theme of the wedding is an excellent choice for organizing a unique wedding, when the newlyweds have some common interest that great represents them as a couple.

Travel is often the theme chosen for the wedding.

The road to a perfect wedding is long and often quite arduous.

In a sea of styles and choices, newlyweds often find themselves in a situation where they are completely "lost".

Personally, I always encourage newlyweds to include the most personal in their wedding.

It can be anything of common, interests, hobbies, style, passion...

With more and more young people investing in travel and a "nomadic" lifestyle, we often encounter couples who share the passion that binds them together.

And it is this wedding theme that is perfect for playing with options. 

We decided to look for decorations perfect just for such couples.

The wedding is the perfect opportunity to share your love for other countries with your guests and to introduce them to your lifestyle.

You can complete your decorations with flowers from different parts of the world (eucalyptus for Australia, tulip for the Netherlands....)

The décor can be based on your personal travel pictures, globes, world maps...

The theme of the wedding can be extended to other segments outside the decorations if necessary. 

Especially the theme of weddings such as travel, you can easily apply it to music, food, drink. 

The most important thing is how open you are to the "risk" of a different wedding and how much time you are willing to set aside to plan the perfect themed wedding. 

The possibilities are endless and the results are wonderful.

wedding theme travel

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wedding theme travel

Wedding Trip

Travel Wedding

Travel Wedding

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