Flowers for the wedding

Rustic wedding in beautiful Maksimir.


Since Bloom was created because of the organization of my wedding (I do not recommend anyone to engage in this alone, but on this topic some other time), I have to admit that Everything related to weddings is especially dear to me. That day is especially important in every woman's life and, although perhaps décor is not a priority for all brides, every task on this topic is taken more than seriously by the Bloom crew.

With the brides, we try to establish a friendly and open relationship from the beginning so that through getting to know and exchanging ideas, we can better understand their vision of the perfect wedding. Of course, there is always the issue of budget, which is often difficult to fit with the vision of the perfect décor, but we stick to the "everything can be done when you want".

We don't have to mention that rustic weddings are an absolute hit, but that doesn't mean that every wedding has to be the same and there's always room to personalize the decoration. What we are extremely pleased with in this case is the fact that we managed to incorporate some personal things into the décor itself that the bride gave us.

Among these things were lights that always raise the space and give it an extra charm and picture frames made by the bride's dad. Personal details like this are always a good way to make the décor as personal as possible. The bride had simple guidelines that we adhered to to the maximum: autumn, gourds, rustic, garland, lights.

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We decorated the popular winter jars ourselves to serve as candlesticks at the wedding itself, we toned the glass bottles to serve as additional vases, and we adapted the rest of the inventory to the wedding theme itself. Due to the inability to hang paper lanterns in the hall itself, we hung them in the outdoor area to welcome guests and thus decorated sponsor umbrellas.

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In addition to the classic table decorations, the bride's idea of garland turned out to be absolutely perfect. A 10-meter-long garland made of ivy and tulle with imported lights is what gave the whole space a special touch and it is also the first thing that guests and newlyweds saw when entering the hall.


As far as decorating tables are concerned, the bride wanted something sweet, made of seasonal flowers and decent enough not to bother guests during the wedding. We used dahlias, sunflowers, decorative parsley, decorative gourds, gypsophila... Each arrangement was unique, which fits perfectly with a rustic theme.

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For the wedding bouquet, the bride wanted something colorful, decent and that the bouquet itself would not be too heavy, so we made a sweet bouquet of "bunnies" that we connected with lace and jute.

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After a couple of weeks of preparation, we were finally able to see our creations in the space itself and we can't wait where the new brides will take us all with new ideas.


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