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Wedding organization – Everything you need to know

Organizing a wedding is a pleasure for many, but what about those who still need an organizer?

In this post we will discuss everything you need to know when it comes to organizing a wedding with the help of a professional.

While you've probably heard and seen a lot of weddings that are perfectly organized independently, that doesn't mean that this project is enjoyable and fun for all newlyweds.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in a professional who will take over the organizational part.

But what does that really mean?

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Wedding organization is divided into several categories, and the newlyweds choose the one that suits them best.

  1. Complete wedding organization.

You leave the entire organizational part to your organizer.

Briefly tell (live or via e-mail / skype) your vision, wishes, priorities and budget, the organizer finds for you options from which you choose the perfect one.

The first item in this type of organization is, search for a location.

This is the process that usually takes the longest because it is also the most demanding part of wedding planning.

After that, according to your priorities, the organizer finds verified suppliers that he thinks would suit you.

When the basics are laid out, the organizer agrees a payment plan for suppliers, a wedding schedule, defines details, etc.

If you live outside Of Croatia and are planning to marry at the registrar or as part of a religious ceremony, the wedding planner is here to help you with the bureaucracy.

Before the wedding, the organizer makes schedules for suppliers, checks whether everything is as planned and thus ensures excellent service.

On the wedding day, the organizer is with you, making sure that the suppliers are compliant, that the guests are satisfied and that you enjoy your day without stress.

The price is determined depending on the number of people at the wedding, the number of suppliers, the amount of scheduled working hours.

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2. Half-wedding organization

This service is great for those who already have a specific location and have an elaborate wedding vision.

However, due to lack of time or distance, they do not have the opportunity to organize the wedding in full accordance with their wishes, or they are simply "stuck" and do not know how to proceed.

In this case, the wedding planner finds the missing suppliers, aligns your suppliers with our suppliers, creates a wedding schedule, payment plan, defines details, etc.

On the wedding day, the organizer is with you as in the first option.

3. Wedding coordination

This is an option for all those who have found and booked most of it themselves, but are aware that they have a lot of vendors and guests at their wedding, that some guests may not speak our language, travel from far away or simply need special attention. Also, this is a great option for those who simply want to breathe a sigh of relief on their wedding day and not worry about protocols, traditions, schedules, etc.

In this case, we join from about a month – two before the wedding, we review all agreed suppliers, their contracts and payment deadlines.

We coordinate suppliers, create schedules for them but also for you, we are with you on the wedding day and make sure the day goes smoothly.


How early do I have to start organizing a wedding if I have a professional by my side?

The shortest deadline we had for a smaller wedding was 3 weeks, the shortest deadline we had for a big wedding was 3 months.

It is possible to organize everything within the set deadlines, but sometimes you need to be willing to compromise.

The biggest compromises are made around the wedding date itself or over the choice of supplier if the one you wanted is busy.

However, given our acquaintances in all parts of the wedding industry, it is possible to plan a super wedding in a shorter time.

When should you start organizing a wedding so that everything runs smoothly?

It also depends on preferences, but 1 year in advance, 9 months in advance and even 6 months in advance are okay timelimits for everything to go without stress.

We often meet with newlyweds who have a desire to start planning and 2 years in advance, although this was unusual until a few seasons ago, nowadays it is even advisable if you like some popular location. However, when planning a wedding 3 years in advance, keep in mind that some locations and suppliers will not receive booking for such a distant date.

How does this relationship work if I don't live in Croatia and i don't plan to go back until the wedding?

If you trust your wedding planner, there is no problem for him to do meetings on your behalf, and to communicate virtually until the wedding day.

We had clients from other continents that we only met on our wedding day. By the time they arrived in Croatia, we had done everything for them. Given that we listened well to their wishes, we were able to achieve them at a distance.

How involved do we have to be in the organization itself if we have a wedding planner?

Your involvement in the whole process depends on how involved you want to be. We are used to working with newlyweds who are present at meetings and throughout the process, but also with those who completely leave themselves in our hands. It is only important to be clear in the beginning about what your expectations are and what your taste is.

This is especially important when searching for location, music, menu selection, etc.

Also, it is totally noramal for some newlyweds to be involved more around certain items and less about those that are not so important to them.

At the wedding at the location, can my wedding planner organize additional events for my guests?

If you want to organize additional events such as excursions for traveling guests, bachelorette parties on location, dinners / parties before or after the wedding, there is no problem with the wedding planner helping you with that, but additional events are charged extra.

At the wedding at the location can my organizer find accommodation for guests?

The organizer can take care of the accommodation for guests and possible transportation to the location, but depending on the number of guests and additional hours of work, these services could be charged extra.

Can a wedding planner help me find my wedding dress?

The job description of our wedding planner includes all items that are related to that special day.

If you think you need help choosing a wedding dress, invitations, etc. The wedding planner will be there for you and help as much as he can.

In the end, remember, the most important thing is to have a honest and open relationship with your organizer. It is not extremely important that you choose the person who suits you in character, because the wedding planner is the person with whom you will communicate the most. It is essential that your choice understands your desires, visions, worries.. That you can always communicate honestly with your chosen person. If you cover these elements, the perfect wedding is guaranteed.

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