Moslavina story

Moslavina story – Rustic decorations surrounded by nature

Only an hour from Zagreb is the Moslavina Story, a property surrounded by beautiful forests and natural beauty. This place is perfect for rest and relaxed atmosphere, and the advantage is that on otherwise too warm days, pleasant temperatures prevail in the shade of the forest (our flowers were especially grateful for this). 

In one of their halls there was a story with our newlyweds and rustic decorations. Although we often imagine the rustic style in jars and smaller arrangements, on washers made of wood, in this case we decided to approach the style in a slightly different way. For the first time, we encountered square-shaped tables that are larger in area than round ones, but again cannot be decorated in the same style as oblong ones. We had to come up with decorations that would be placed in the middle of the table, and yet large enough to make the table look decorated.

flowers for the wedding


We decided to slightly mix the initial rustic style with the currently popular garden style. Instead of the classic vases and jars used for this style, we used ceramic, white vases and arranged somewhat wild bouquets in them, autumn colors with an emphasis on sunflower, hydrangeas and a special variety of anemones.

The table of the newlyweds was adorned with a long garland in a rustic style, which is an increasingly popular choice for decorating.

In addition to floral decorations, we have designed a simple design for table numbers, so that the whole story is combined into one meaningful whole.

Autumn tones of red, yellow and green fit beautifully into a space that is whole in large windows and dark wood.

What I especially like is that the chairs were without covers, in their original country edition. Dark wood and red – white pattern on the chairs fit perfectly with the rest of the decoration. I also liked the tablecloth for the newlyweds' table, which was also not a typical wedding but in the country vintage style.

flowers for the wedding

I think it's great to sometimes preserve the original details in the space, every space doesn't have to be typically wedding decoration. Sometimes little things like chair covers make sense, and sometimes they're just superfluous.

In addition to the interior decoration, we also had an exterior. Until the last moment, we kept our fingers crossed that it would not rain because the lack of decorations in the open would be a really big loss. The outer part is located in the middle of the forest, and consists of wooden tables and benches. For the tables we arranged gold bottles with several flowers in us, between the bottles on each table there were candles and ivy. We placed lights between the two trees, and above them paper lanterns with hanging strips that were present in the same colors on the wedding bouquet.

At the entrance to the hall there was a large circle of ivy with specially designed cards with table numbers and guest lists written on them. This detail fit perfectly into the whole story.


Moslavina's story

The bride had a bouquet in the same style as the decorations of the space, medium size and a long ribbon for a dose of romance. The bouquet is stacked from a blend of seasonal and imported flowers, and perhaps the most beautiful detail is the small anemones that protruded slightly from the bouquet.

flowers for the wedding

Although we were on this property for business and for the purpose of decorating, I must admit that the stay in nature was so relaxing that the time passed extremely quickly.

Moslavina's story is another proof that it is possible to have a wedding like pinterest just a little away from Zagreb. I like how it's a space that we don't often see as a wedding location, and I especially liked how photogenic everything is because of the forest and natural light.

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