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Luxury wedding – The other side of dream style

When we say a luxurious wedding, everyone probably first comes to mind flowers that overflow from all sides, flower walls, large arrangements....

restaurant museum

We see less and less of this type of wedding, not because the world lacks rich people who can afford it, but because many have started to see luxury through the prism of "less is more".

In the last few seasons, a luxurious wedding with lots of greenery combined with lesser-known types of flowers has come to the fore. Although we still see roses and orchids, they are less and less in balls and more and more in smaller vases of various sizes, garlands, disheveled arrangements...

This is not surprising, a dose of minimalism is seen in all spectra in our lives. We all try to turn more to nature and lives on the principle of less is more.

Although what is less in luxury style, in all other styles is actually more than enough, because of our perception of luxury style today we bring the option without hills and hills of flowers that we are used to seeing on Instagram.

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Many newlyweds have realized if they leave their wedding entirely to decorators (from an invitation to a napkin on the tables) that their special day can look like a personalized work of art.

The wedding design itself is done by the space that is carefully chosen, but also by the type of food / drink that is chosen thematically.

Wedding details

For those who still want a simpler approach to the wedding, we bring the most classic and easiest ways to get a luxurious wedding in a modern way. Although the cost of materials and inventory is less than for the aforementioned wedding, keep in mind that every decorator must carefully plan decorations in order for this style to make sense. All the same, it is possible to achieve this style for a budget that is "less luxurious" than what we first think of when we hear the word.

  1. Location

Locations in this type of wedding can be open or closed. What most locations have in common is that they are usually older buildings/gardens. Also, it is important for many newlyweds that the location is unique, more precisely that it is not often used for weddings.

In Zagreb, for this style, the classic choice would fall on Mimara and Restaurant Muzej.

Mimara is perfect if you are afraid of rain or want a wedding in a cooler month, Restaurant Museum has a breathtaking outdoor space (especially because of the fountain).

However, there are still a lot of unexplored locations in the vicinity of Zagreb that might be interesting. The same can be said for the rest of Croatia.

restaurant museum zagreb

2. Table type

Although the classic choice is round tables for guests, the oblong table for newlyweds in decoration is actually the ideal combination reversed.

If you want to get the most out of the decorations oblong tables for guests are ideal. Several smaller arrangements in which natural elements of flowers and greenery can be highlighted are ideal for oblong tables. In combination with various candles you get a special look that exudes elegance. On round tables, the decorating space is more limited.

luxury wedding
modern wedding decorations
luxury wedding

Round table for newlyweds

In this combination, actually newlyweds and godparents sit in a semicircle, this type of table can also get the most out of the decoration. After decorating this type of table always looks more effective than an oblong table, the reason is that it is more compact and immediately everything looks more luxurious.

luxury wedding
  • Tip + gray tablecloths automatically add a dose of luxury to the space, if your location does not have them on offer there are companies through which it is possible to rent. Also, Tiffany chairs add a dose of luxury to the space.

3. Less is more but.....

If you still want to have a moment in which you want more lush decorations, it is enough to choose one central point in the space for it. From various hanging decorations, to highlighting e.g. fireplaces/entrances. With this choice, you certainly achieve a wow effect on guests.

  • Tip + The table of the newlyweds can be decorated only with candles, fabrics, laid greenery, and above the table itself your wow moment can be a hanging installation.
modern wedding decorations
luxury wedding
Flowers for the wedding
luxury wedding

4. Visual identity of the wedding

This part means that e.g. invitations, thank you notes, table numbers, guest list, menus, etc. will be printed in the same style and in the same font. When we talk about a luxury wedding in this version, it is usually a very simple design, which is raised by details. In the invitation code, it can be a ribbon made of more luxurious material, alternative materials such as transparent foil for all printed elements, on the cake decorations made of greenery.....

modern wedding

5. Watch out for the usual traps!

If you decide that this is the perfect style for you, be careful not to get entangled in wedding planning. At one point, many girls think that everything they have imagined is too small for their wedding to exude luxury. The reason for this is the uncertainty of brides before they see everything in space. Usually, colors, elements and items begin to be added, the final account grows and you get lost from the specified style. Don't worry, everything you originally imagined is absolutely enough for your perfect day.

And finally, this is the perfect choice for girls who see elegance in simplicity, appreciate nature in its original form without artificial forms, girls who love art and culture and want their wedding to represent their personality.

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