coronavirus and wedding

Coronavirus and wedding

Coronavirus and wedding don't exactly go hand in hand. But even though this whole situation is stressful for everyone, I believe that the newlyweds are under additional pressure and stress and fear for their wedding.

Coronavirus Wedding

But don't panic! Due to this whole situation with coronavirs and weddings, the most important thing is to stay cool and think as rationally as possible.

Bloom Croatia throughout the pandemic offersand free consultations for all aspects of wedding planning, to all those who need help and advice. It is enough to contact us in the inbox of our fb site or via e-mail

Depending on the number of inquiries, we will answer as promptly as possible and as much as we can.

Our goal is to help future newlyweds as much as possible and use this time when all upcoming events are canceled, to advise others.

If you need a recommendation for suppliers, colors, flowers, etc. but also if you need direct support and advice regarding coronavirus and weddings, we are here for you.

Below are some tips for those whose weddings are planned soon.

  1. Depending on the date of your wedding , don't make hasty decisions.
  2. As we have said before , do not panic, be willing to compromise with your salamis/suppliers. Be patient and reasonable because we are all under great stress, but also full of understanding for our newlyweds. All suppliers with whom we are in contact, as well as ourselves, are ready to compromise and cooperate.
  3. If you have to move your wedding, our recommendation is to move the wedding to a weekday, or out of season (in the period from 11 months, 2020 to 3 months 2021). These two ways give you the greatest chance that you will be able to align suppliers and the hall. Although it is inconvenient to wait longer for your dream day, the most important thing is to have a plan B that works.
  4. If you still want to continue with your date, which is soon, consider reducing the number of guests who comply with epidemiological recommendations, about explaining to risk groups that they absolutely do not have to attend the wedding, avoid congratulating in the form of kissing and shaking hands. This is definitely nowhere near an ideal situation, and the whole thing can fall by the wayside if the Government decides that your wedding cannot take place.
  5. If you are just starting planning your wedding, our advice is to order as little as possible and support our small businesses who are also in an unfavorable situation.
  6. The sharing of invitations can be done by post or electronically, especially if they are risk groups. No one forbids you to do this part live, but if you want to be especially sure, our advice is to try to avoid it.

Remember, while things may not seem brilliant now, with respect for government measures, personal choices around protection and a little patience, soon this will be just one ugly story we can leave behind.

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