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About Bloom

Bloom Croatia was created in 2015. It was founded by Irma Zovak at the age of 23, after seeing flowers in a box abroad and estimating that it could become a trend in giving flowers.

After the design and manufacture of the box in Croatia, it was among the first to launch what we know today as Flowerbox on the market. At that time, the trend of influencers began to develop in Croatia, and then Irma and many of today's well-known influencers achieved among the first collaborations and thus spread the word about Bloom.

"With minimal experience and a modest budget, I started Bloom not even dreaming that 7 years later we would be here, stronger than ever. Back then, few took me seriously as a 23-year-old girl, but luckily the younger generation enjoyed giving away our flowerbox. Thanks to them Bloom is here today.

We are growing with our clients.

Initially, the girls received our bouquets for

birthdays and promotions, later we organized and decorated weddings for these same girls"

Weddings & Events

In 2017 Bloom Croatia was a recognizable name on the Croatian market, and expanded its services from an online flower shop to the decoration of numerous weddings and events.

With the launch of a blog about weddings, it was Bloom that became the starting point for a number of brides in planning weddings and decorations.

That year Irma met Filip then an architecture student at a party, and soon, in addition to a friendly one, they also developed a business relationship.

Wedding planning

In 2017, everything changed. There were more and more inquiries that in addition to decorations, Irma and Filip were doing the planning part of the wedding. In addition to domestic couples, high demand has also emerged from foreign couples. That's when the brand and site in English tie the knot Croatia is created.

Tie the knot Croatia started working well right away, even in the age of COVID. After corona, Irma's maternity leave and prime season 2022, Filip and Irma decided to leave the decorations to their partners, and due to the high demand to devote themselves to the planning of weddings.

Due to many years of experience in the wedding industry, they have made many acquaintances in the form of location owners and suppliers, which they gladly use to organize unique, modern weddings.

Relationship with vendors

The quality relationship of wedding planners with vendors is crucial for a good wedding. Wedding seasons can be extremely tiring. In a few months, a large number of weddings take place, and it is quite normal that with night work and constant travel, the staff is exhausted from time to time. For this reason, it is good to have a wedding planner with you who knows people from the industry, knows how to make their job easier and how to inspire them to do every wedding with enthusiasm. Considering that until a few years ago we were "on the other side" as florists, we know how important cooperation with wedding planners is, and how much it means to have someone that understands you.

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