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How do you make your final wedding preparations easier?

Bloom has explored for you how to easily make the last preparations for your wedding easier.

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We are officially entering another wedding season.

Most brides who get married during this period have a secured space, band, wedding dress...

It's time for finishing details such as invitations, gifts for guests, fashion accessories and of course decorations of the space. Most brides-to-be think that the most demanding is behind them, and then they are unpleasantly surprised when they realize how easy it is to "lose it" in these final details.

The choice is large, the styles are many, there is still a lot of work. How do you make your last preparations easier and enjoy the rest of the weeks until the big day?

We at Bloom believe that choosing a color palette is the perfect solution to all problems of the average bride.

The color palette by which you will choose all the details related to your big day depends on your personal taste and desired atmosphere.

When choosing a color palette, you should take into account the season in which you are getting married, because this saves a lot of money.

When you think about colors that are especially dear to you, you will probably soon be more aware of which theme or style suits you best.

The palette of desired colors can consist of two onwards, depending on your taste. If you follow the default colors, it is easier to choose wedding decorations, desserts, invitations, gifts for guests... In a sea of choices and styles in this way, you automatically narrow down and easily get to what you especially like.

We have explored and selected a few palettes that can serve as inspiration.

In 2017, the colors that prevail as fashionable in the world of weddings are: various shades of blue, green in all combinations (especially with white and gold) and burgundy red.

Something old, something new, something blue. 

It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, self-confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven.

Darker colors in the decoration give the impression of luxury, while lighter shades more leave a youthful impression.

Since the types of flowers in blue are limited, they are combined with various other colors depending on taste.

It fits perfectly in outdoor weddings, but also in luxurious halls. Maybe for some brides blue color will seem "too rough" but in the right combinations it can be very romantic.

        Wedding Decoration       wedding decoration    decoration of flowers


Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony and freshness. It is known as the most pleasing color to the human eye.

With green in the décor, the possibilities are endless. It fits into all seasons and all styles.

It has been the number one color in the wedding industry for several years. The types of greenery with which it is possible to work are countless, and they go with almost all types of flowers. Greenery in most cases is very durable, it is easy to make various installations, garlands, garlands and more. In certain cases, it can be a solution to smaller budgets, but keep in mind that certain types of greenery cost the same as flowers themselves.

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Currently, it is mostly used in rustic styles, but it also works perfectly in all other styles. For a winter wedding, greenery is an excellent choice given the lower availability of flowers in that season.

wedding colors


We all know how red symbolizes love and passion among other things. Of all the shades of red, it is the burgundy red shade that most gives the impression of passion. In addition to passion and love, with it very simply the impression of luxury is achieved. It fits perfectly into the classic elegant style, rustic youthful style but also in seasonal weddings that take place at the end of summer/ autumn.

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Regardless of current trends, the most important thing is that the selected colors are those that are especially dear to you. We have selected a few more color palettes that are often used in decorations.

red wedding    Wedding colors    c1d02fe6e8852011ba26867a8c38f918                                   c17d0384366b1f5acb1e98969fbc47cc      flowers wedding zagreb        wedding decoration Decoration wedding      f71344f392fa2bfbf32d4dc4b0883e44 fe70f62913331511f412f60ba5d24c67                       ideas for weddings        a gentle wedding         wedding organization Wedding decorations wedding decorations wedding zagreb    Wedding Decoration 2   f008da521d783604558753fe99e0c37a spring wedding

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