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Autumn wedding – Hotel Academia

Autumn wedding is always a good decision, because of its wonderful colors.

But many newlyweds are afraid of rain, so they often choose the hall as protection from potential rain.

Hotel Academia in Zagreb is located in the center and has a very modern hall. This is not the first time we have done decorations in this hall and every time we look forward to engaging there. One of the reasons is the young capable team that works there. We often hear praise from the newlyweds at the expense of the Staff of the Academia and we can confirm for ourselves how excellent they are.  Another advantage is the ability to choose between gray and white tablecloths (gray ones are very fashionable in 2018, and ordinary or Tiffany chairs. Tiffany chairs are also one of the trends in this and upcoming wedding season.

Hotel Academia

The newlyweds from this story wanted a rustic style. Although I personally have nothing against this style, we often encounter several problems related to it.

  1. If it is a hall, it is more difficult to incorporate it than into the space found in nature.
  2. This style has been very fashionable for several years and we often notice that the final result is the same. So there's a lack of distinctiveness.
  3. There's a thin line between an elegant rustic style that fits into a wedding and a style that ultimately looks like we're at a country party (which is great if the wedding is in a country location, however it doesn't work in the hall).

autumn wedding

When we at Bloom design a wedding, we don't like to repeat ourselves and try to make every wedding special. Although we had classic elements of rustic style such as jars and stumps, with the help of newlyweds we were able to come up with a special design. In communication with the newlyweds, we came to the conclusion that they like the theme of autumn, which goes with a rustic style. They opted for autumn colors but also details such as leaves, decorative apple pumpkins, etc. They gave us quite a bit of freedom around the choice of flowers and details so we had room to improvise. This ultimately turned out perfectly. The original plan was for our base to be green, but in procurement that day we came across twigs with leaves of beautiful colors. Soon the decision was made to take these leaves instead of greenery and I think that without it we would not get this effect. With leaves we combined seasonal, imported and dried flowers and spontaneously built this rustic, autumn story.

autumn weddings

As for fitting into the hall itself, gray tablecloths and Tiffany chairs helped quite a bit. These two elements gave a dose of elegance and highlighted the colors on our arrangements. In this hall, however, it was a little easier for us because it is a modernly decorated hall that tolerates almost any style.


Another important element in the Hotel Academia are the large stairs that lead from the lobby to the hall, often the newlyweds ask to arrange these stairs as well. In this case, we arranged them with elements that we also used in the hall.

hotel academia stairs

The wedding bouquet was made in bright autumn colors. The bouquet fit perfectly into the feminine, cheerful personality of our young. Along with the wedding bouquet went a set of female and male lapels made of gypsum philadelphia, which was also found as a detail in the bouquet. The choice fell on gypsophile due to good durability without water.

colorful wedding bouquet


autumn wedding

Hotel Academia








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