il secondo zagreb

Il Secondo Zagreb

In the midst of the pandemic, when weddings were allowed again, we received an inquiry for the organization of weddings in Il second in Zagreb.

Il Secondo is an Italian restaurant on Avenija Dubrovnik.

Although the location of the restaurant itself does not seem like an obvious choice for a wedding, in the colder months due to its interior is a very good choice.

The restaurant itself is adorabledecorated, and it takes very little decoration to complete the whole story.

Il Second's menu, although it is somewhat more expensive than the classic wedding menu, certainly justifies its price.

Il Secondo is the perfect location for those newlyweds who want a smaller wedding in an intimate space with premium food.

But let's go back to the beginning of the story.

Our newlyweds contacted us in the midst of the pandemic because they needed organizational help with their wedding in Zagreb.

Iva was born in Zagreb, but moved to Sweden and fell in love with Emanuel, who is Swedish.

Her great desire was to organize a wedding in Zagreb, in order to show Emanuel's loved ones our country and culture, but also so that her loved ones would attend the wedding.

In addition to the pandemic, the problem was the earthquake in Zagreb, which, although it did not affect Il Secondo, affected the Remet Church where the wedding ceremony was planned.

Luckily, Iva was persistent and did not give up on her wedding, and Emanuel supported her in her vision.

From the beginning, several things were clear, the wedding in Il second will be small, intimate and sweet.

Instead of a classic band or DJ, the newlyweds opted for an acoustic duo.

The filacoustic team did an excellent job.

In addition to a light and pleasant warm-up set list, they later warmed up the dance floor with dance music.

This choice made sense given the smaller number of people and the smaller space. Also, the filacoustic team once again showed that sometimes it's really less, more.

For photographers we opted for Matija and Marina weddings.

Matija and Marina are a married couple with whom we often work mostly because of their professionalism, ability to relax the newlyweds and at the same time be open, but also invisible as needed.

Together, we brainstormed which locations we could use for photoshooting, and in addition to some obvious choices for photographing newlyweds in Zagreb, we also chose some not so well-known locations.

As far as decorations are concerned, the theme was pastel tones, but with discreet artistic details to make the decorations look more modern and fit well into Il Secondo.

To make the cake we chose Whipped cream at the end, the owners sent the visuals that we designed and she created the cake after them.

The cake from Whipped cream at the end besides being beautiful, was of perfect taste. The taste is natural and not too sweet, and you can feel exactly what is in the cake, all the flavors of the cake made perfect sense and we were all pleasantly surprised.

Natural cake choices are something I would always recommend and I find them more important than the design itself.

Although, whipped cream eventually excels in both categories.

Of the more interesting details at the wedding, I would single out
  1. A quiz about the newlyweds. With a smaller number of people, it is possible to organize more activities at weddings, and given the intimate atmosphere of such an idea in this situation does not seem forced. On the contrary, they connect people who do not know each other and are a fun detail of the evening itself. The quiz consisted of several questions about the newlyweds, and the winner (more precisely, the winner) received a prize from the newlyweds.
  2. Given that Emanuel's parents speak Swedish and Iva's Croatian, we had a beautiful young translator who, with her knowledge of Swedish, managed to connect the two sides as an intermediary, and enabled them to socialize better. In addition, she also translated the quiz and speeches, and in this way everyone present could understand what was being said.

Such details as the quiz, the intimate environment of Il Second, a dinner that was served practically 100% in a piece, are fewer people that guarantee that your wedding is special and different for Croatian concepts. The atmosphere at weddings like this is always kind of intimate and warm, and we have to admit that although big weddings have their advantages, small weddings are never a bad idea.

Although this wedding lasted only until midnight due to COVID measures, and although we had to go through peripetions with testing, registration of the wedding, etc. (It didn't happen again,)

This was the perfect return to the scene after the pandemic for us as organizers.

We felt like we were part of Iva and Emanuel's story, which we bonded with during the wedding organization process.

It was nice to see some familiar faces with whom we organized weddings before the pandemic.

We wish Ivo and Emanuel all the luck, and soon we bring you a new blog post, about a new wedding.