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Hypo center, hall Kornati – Modern wedding

Sala Kornati, this was our first wedding here, but hopefully not our last. It was a wedding that was quite big and at the very beginning we were looking for the best practical solution for decorating a larger amount of tables. When it comes to a lot of tables, half-and-half decorations are always a great solution.

What's that mean? This means that half of the tables are decorated with larger/more lush decorations and half only with candlesticks or with smaller floral decorations. In this combination, we also save larger budgets so that we can make the most of them for floral decorations. In this case, half the tables were decorated with gold high candlesticks and half with gold high racks with more lush arrangements.

hypo center, hall kornati

The arrangements were modernly stacked, with lots of greenery and a variety of colors of roses, carnations and currently modern dahlias. Although the hall itself is large and spacious, the decorations looked rich.

The space itself is phenomenal with super lighting and I especially liked how carefully they decorate tables with food and drinks, the staff is professional and well-coordinated.

Hypo Center Wedding The table of the newlyweds was decorated with the currently extremely modern garland, with imported flowers. Flowers accompanied the decorations from the guests' tables. Next to the garland were candles for a more romantic impression. What I liked was that behind the table of the newlyweds was a table with gifts for guests and he, spontaneously, became part of the decoration. We also made gifts for the guests.


Hall Kornati Hall Kornati

The most important element of this wedding bouquet was large, with a base of greenery and a combination of delicate and dark tones. This kind of wedding bouquet is an absolute trend in 2018 and as it seems to us it will follow us in 2019.


large wedding bouquet

From additional elements we made: decoration for the car, visuals for table numbers, visuals for the guest list and a circle of greenery on which the guest list stood.

Although we had quite a few tables and quite a few items, I have to admit how we enjoyed making this wedding. We had the absolute confidence of the newlyweds to harmonize everything and I think we succeeded in that.

Thank you wedding


decorationwedding guest list Hypo center hall









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