Hotel Royal Opatija

Hotel Royal Opatija – Classic elegance

Hotel Royal in Opatija has a beautiful hall that is made for classic decoration. Although we can hardly imagine rustic and boho styles in it, elegant arrangements look perfect in this hall.

Hotel Royal is beautifully decorated to the last detail, and when you think you have seen everything, you go out to the terrace of the hall and see the view.

I don't think Opatija should be overly praised because we all know how beautiful it is.

wedding hotel royal opatija

In addition to the hall, I must also mention the church of St. Peter. In front of the church there is a beautiful park that is the perfect place for photographing newlyweds.



2018 BookingSuite

This engagement was also arranged exclusively through our form, what is interesting is that the newlyweds do not live in Croatia and we had to make all the arrangements by phone.

Also, another challenge we had was the logistics behind the transport of flowers from Zagreb to Opatija. At first we thought it would be much more complicated, but everything went painlessly and simply.

Due to proper flower processing, heat and driving did not harm the arrangements and we did not have any problems. What we are sure of now is that they could easily transport flowers to more distant locations.

After this engagement, we can really say that we can place our flower arrangements anywhere in Croatia :).

As for the arrangements themselves, the newlyweds wanted classic romance and high arrangements of roses and peonies for guests, lower arrangements for their table, a decently decorated church and a wedding bouquet of peonies. The wedding bouquet is especially interesting because it is tied in a special way that although rarely used today, used to be extremely popular at more luxurious weddings.


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New locations, new ideas, new cities are things that make us extremely happy, we like to provide all clients with something new, which is why this completely new experience is something that we will remember forever.