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Hey how about colour blocking?

If you want your wedding or event to stand out and exude positivity, colour blocking is a great solution for you.


What is colour blocking?

It's a technique of connecting opposite colors in a way that they look meaningful as a whole.

Works by Danish painter Piet Mondrian are considered the source of colour blocking.



Today, it is most often used in fashion design and interior design.


If you are a person who loves originality and the explosion of colors, this is a great technique for you. And we are the perfect partners to bring your ideas into reality.

Personally, I love colour blocking. I use it during gloomy winters to cheer myself up, use it in my own interior and use it every time in arranging.


Playing with colour blocking in a reasonable dose of décor can give a special charm and tell the story in a special way.




Decorating with colour blocking

Since flowers come in a wide range of colors, colour blocking is a great opportunity to make your wedding, event or your bouquet look really special.


During the decoration of the wedding or event space, colour blocking can be applied to absolutely all details, depending on the enthusiasm of the client towards the technique.



It is an excellent choice for the spring and summer months. In open spaces, it gives a relaxed, pleasant and cheerful note.

It fits best with topics such as boho and oriental.



Color blocking and wedding bouquet

Simple boho wedding dresses get a whole new dimension with this kind of bouquet.

The bride looks relaxed, carefree and beautiful surrounded by various colors and types of flowers in a bouquet.




Bloom used this technique at Barbara Repa's wedding, about which you can read more here

Oriental wedding, Zagreb.


In this case, we had to carefully arrange the home flowers to fit into the Moroccan wedding theme. It was through color blocking that we realized this idea.

Oriental wedding, Zagreb.
Oriental wedding, Zagreb.

Colour blocking itself can seem too intense for most people to do their event or wedding. It is important to keep in mind that this technique can be used more or less intensively. It works perfectly in both large and small doses.

We're in, and you?



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