Castle belaj

Belaj Castle an oasis of hedonism and fairytale weddings

Castle belaj

Istria, wine, top quality food, history, baroque castle... With this, we might as well end the post because nothing more needs to be said. Before Easter, we visited Belaj Castle and it is an understatement to say that we remained fascinated.

Castle belaj

About 200 kilometers from Zagreb near the beautiful Učka, there is this hidden almost secret place.

When you approach Belaj with your car as if you were automatically transferred to another time, to another country.

We often admire pictures of Italian Tuscany, Instagram posts of beautiful antique details from various museums, glasses of sunset wine of our friends who are adventurous and constantly somewhere around the world, not knowing that we have absolutely all this in Croatia in this beautiful place.

What is interesting and why I am actually writing this post, is that in the castle itself and its nature it is possible to organize weddings / events. Whether you want to spend your special moments outdoors or are still a closed fan, you can't go wrong with Belaj Castle.

Also, we as organizers are at your disposal to turn the bare walls of Belaj into absolute magic with our ideas and contacts. Speaking of bare walls, in the interior space for celebrations they are an absolute plus. When you enter the castle premises, you will come across a perfect blend of modern design but also the remains of elements from ancient times.

Personally, I like that the space to celebrate is almost intact, entering that room you can almost feel that history that played out in the castle itself. Also, a space like this gives you the freedom to arrange it exactly the way you want it. Whether you dream of being a princess or decorating that Pinterest can envy, this space can be transformed according to all wishes.

I know that to many future newlyweds, perhaps the idea of a wedding far from their city sounds elusive and complicated, however with the help of a good agency anything is possible.

Of course, such ventures require somewhat larger budgets, but it is definitely not reserved only for the richest.

When booking, you need to know: 

  1. When you choose the menu and the package of drinks, this price includes the rental of the premises, staff, cleaning and preparation of the Castle Belaj.
  2. It is possible to get married in a closed and open part of the Belaj Castle.
  3. The number of guests is limited to 80
  4. There is no accommodation for guests on the site, this should be additionally organized. In such situations, it is good to have a wedding planner who can take that part on himself, but also take care of transportation from and to the Castle Belaj.
  5. Wedding at Belaj Castle is allowed until 04:00 h

Castle belaj

I know this post sounds like it's sponsored or like pure advertising, because that's what we're all used to lately. But I think it's obvious that Bloom blog is not a typical blog and that we write absolutely every post as honestly as possible. Although I fell in love with Belaj while I was not even out of the car, the moment in which I completely "fell" for its charm was the moment in which I tasted their wine.

Castle belaj

If you decide to celebrate your special day outside Of Belaj, I definitely recommend a visit to the castle at least for a wine tasting and a small tour with friendly staff that is full of interesting stories about the history of the castle.

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Note: floral decorations in photos are not Bloom's work. 

Photo source: Google, the official Facebook of Belaj Castle