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Instagram profiles that you absolutely need to follow

In modern times, when we are passionate about something, we usually partially satisfy that passion by looking at the best of the best in the field. I think it's more than obvious that I follow a lot of Instagram profiles related to flowers. Anything that's different, beautiful, modern and has to do with flowers, I'll be obsessed with it.

Floral Instagram profiles are the first thing I watch over my morning coffee, but also the last thing I look at before I go to sleep.

I love watching the creations of talented floral designers, but also their personal stories from private life.

Today I decided to share a part of these profiles with you, with the desire to enjoy the world's floral beauty.

  •  Jeff Leatham

Jeff Leatham's instagram

 Jeff Leatham is also known as the "rock 'n' roll star of floral design".

He is currently artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris.

How much the French adore and appreciate him, is best illustrated by the fact that in 2014 he received the highest decoration of the French government for the arts.

His Christmas installations in the Four Seasons are a worldwide attraction. In the lobby of the hotel you can find numerous tourists and celebrities who came to "look" at the work of this extremely talented floral artist.

Christmas floral instagramSome of the brands that have worked with Jeff are: Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Bulgari, Swarovski Crystal, Givenchy, Ellie Saab, Burberry, Tiffany & Co, Dom Perignon and Samsung.

Among his fans can be found numerous celebrities such as Tina Turner, Oprah, Celine Dion, Madonna, the Kardashian family and even the Dalai Lama.

Jeff Leatham

Jeff Leatham official site


  • Putnam & Putnam

This New York duo started their work only in 2014 and in just a few years they found themselves at the very top of the New York flower scene.

Putnam & Putnam floral instagram

Although it may be amazing to us, in New York it is indeed possible to become a star with your floral creations. Putnam & Putnam is in a completely different world than the aforementioned Jeff Leatham.


They draw inspiration from old works of painting, do not care about the rules, are not firmly attached to only known floral species, do not shy away from minimalism.

These guys definitely have a special place in my heart because I adore their style, they are proof that a different approach to design can succeed. This is mostly confirmed by collaborations with Cartier, Martha Stewart, Vogue, Dior....


Putnam & Putnam Official Site


  • McQueens


McQueens is perhaps britain's most famous floral brand. If you're looking for a golden mean between explosive Jeff and a different Putnam, this is the profile for you.

bouquet luxury

The McQueens team follows trends, but at the same time retains the element of classic.

Their flower arrangements are simply timeless, their installations and collaborations are creative, and their marketing is perfect.

The Owner of McQueens worked in marketing before her floral career, so it is not surprising that their campaigns are one of the many things that make them recognizable.


Personally, I mostly stay on this profile not because of the arrangement, but because of their promotional material, but also because of their flower school. With my morning coffee I like to read their stories from courses, experiences of participants, workers, customers...

McQueens is definitely more than a flower shop.

McQueens official site


  • Sinclair & Moore

This story begins with Steven Moore, who from his earliest days has a passion not only for flowers, but for weddings in general.

sinclair and moore

Steven started his business with only $100. He did everything related to weddings from wedding dresses, cakes, decorations to organization.

At one event attended by Martha Stewart, despite the security guards, martha managed to "slip" his portfolio. Not long after that it was Martha's wedding portal that was the springboard for this presympathetic wizard.

sinlair and moore

After his wedding, his wife joined his team, making Sinclair & Moore.

If you book this couple for your wedding, they try to get to know you and organize your dream day based on that without deciding on details. Clients adore them so much that they have no problem with a lack of control, but completely abandon themselves into their hands.

Also, they don't keep their business and design secrets to themselves. They share their knowledge through numerous online seminars and lectures. One of these seminars was also recently attended by Bloom.

sinlair moore

Sinclair & Moore official site


  • Azuma Makoto

For all art lovers and everything that is different, Azuma Makoto is an absolute must see.

Azuma Makoto

Everything around him is absolutely fascinating, starting with the story of how he began to deal with flowers.

Specifically, Azuma Makoto wanted to be a rock star and temporarily worked in wholesale flowers.

He soon falls in love with flowers and opens his flower shop. Today, he deals with flowers in the form of installations, exhibitions and, as he himself likes to call it, "botanical sculpture".

Azuma Makoto

Just going to his official site looks like an artistic performance.

On his Instagram profile, one can see various styles and ways in which this talented artist plays with flowers.

Azuma Makoto

Azuma Makoto official site


  • Sarah Winward

Sarah is one of those free people who enjoy merging with nature.

Sarah Winward

Sarah is a mom who, in addition to doing beautiful weddings, travels all over the world with her children and introduces them to nature.

Her profile is definitely a place where you can rest and remind yourself how beautiful it is to walk through the forest and appreciate the moment.

Sarah Winward

In addition to her floral decorations being beautiful, Sarah is also a wonderful teacher. Like Sinclair, this modern mom has no problem with sharing her knowledge and techniques selflessly with other florists who are at the beginning of their career. The style of her work is gentle, elegant, natural.

You won't be able to order a bouquet of 1,000 roses from it, but it will design a real work of art for you that pays homage to natural beauty.

Sarah Winward

Sarah Winward official site


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