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Wedding flowers – basic styles + bride form

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Flowers for a wedding are an essential detail for many brides. It's easy to get lost in all styles and super images on Pinterest.

Flowers for the wedding where and how to start planning in the first place?

To facilitate the whole process, we have designed a simple form related to flowers for the wedding, which you can fill out here

The purpose of this form is to get to know your potential newlyweds as easily as possible, and to find out the basic information about your wedding vision in the fastest way.

The questions in the form are designed based on experience with the newlyweds. At each meeting, we ask these questions and, based on the answers, come up with perfect solutions. Now, through our form you can expect a virtual response from Bloom with all the necessary information, educations and design suggestions. Filling out the form and receiving our match is free of charge :). All your personal information is confidential and is used only for the purpose of suggesting decorations for your wedding.

Let's plan together the perfect flowers for the wedding, tailored to your needs!

So let's start in order with the points that we feel may need to be explained:

* The city where the wedding is held. 

Although Bloom is located in the City of Zagreb, weddings outside of Zagreb are not a problem for us. This item is important to us because of the travel costs, and we need to know in which city the wedding is held in order to better fit all additional factors into your budget.

 * Number of tables

We are aware that until the last moment you do not know the final number of guests at your wedding, but approximately some estimate is important information to us. The number of tables greatly affects the final price and facilitates the budget assessment process for us.

* From the decorations I want

This is also important information because the number of decorations depends on the scope of engagement and is ultimately an important factor in budget assessment.

* From styles I like

This doesn't have to be a final decision, but it's an important answer for us to know where we're going. Also, certain styles are more suitable for smaller budgets and some fall under luxury budgets. We will explain each style by example to make your options clearer. Styles do not have to be in strict frames, and can be adapted to your taste.

If you do not find yourself in any of the above styles, describe your perfect wedding flowers in the notes, and you can also send us photos of inspiration to the mail

Classic elegance

This style consists of white, cream, pastel, generally delicate tones.

It is always trendy and often used "more luxurious" types of flowers such as: hydrangeas, orchids, peonies, callas...

Elements of classic elegance are: More luxurious flowers for a wedding, minimal or no greenery, candles for a dose of romance, white, silver or transparent inventory.

As a rule, a larger budget is needed for this style, but there is room for compromise and depending on the season, the price rises and falls.

For more photos of inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.

wedding romance, flowers for the wedding

This style is perfect for romantics, gentle and feminine brides who are lovers of elegance.

*Tip + with the addition of greenery the price of decoration is reduced.


This is a style with which it is very easy to compromise and the necessary budget for it can vary from minimal to luxurious depending on the wishes of the newlyweds.

It is ideal for weddings in nature, each flower season can be easily incorporated into a rustic style, great for various floral installations (e.g. chandelier made of greenery). Elements of a rustic wedding are: succulents, seasonal flowers, jars, stumps, everything that has to do with a natural look.

For more photos of inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.

rustic wedding


Boho is quite similar to rustic, the difference is in multiple colors and "crazier" details that prevail in boho style. As with rustic here prices can vary drastically.

The style is perfect for young, free-spirited newlyweds who are looking for something completely different. It fits perfectly into more casual weddings in interesting locations.

Elements of boho style are: color blocking, feathers, cacti, cheerful flowers, large bouquets for brides.

For more photos of inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.

boho wedding, wedding flowers


This is a style in which the emphasis is on greenery, often it is about smaller arrangements that are stacked in piles. This style like the previous two can vary greatly in price. In this style, compromises are possible, and it adapts to almost any budget. It is perfect for newlyweds who love minimalism and simplicity. It fits into almost any space.

Elements of botanical style are: Various types of greenery with no negligence or minimal flowers, small vases, garlands made of greenery with candles, natural tones.

For more photos, see our Pinterest Board.

Botanical minimalism:

botanical, wedding flowers

Rakošni botanical style:

Botanically gorgeous


This style is a favorite of 2018 in wedding decoration. Exotic leaves and herbs with a potential base of domestic greenery are used to save money. Decorations can be minimalist or completely dissolute. The budget for this style also varies, but for more lavish arrangements, a larger budget would need.

Elements of jungle style are: large leaves, flowers in white or bright colors, the emphasis is on flowers not on inventory, less candles than in other styles.

For more photos of inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.

Jungle decoration minimalism:

wedding decoration

Jungle more lavish:

Decoration for wedding trend


The classic and classic style are similar in principle. However, with this style, luxurious bouquets of more expensive flowers, installations (eg flowerwall), lavish inventory are expected. The budget for something like this should be big.

Elements of luxury style are: More expensive flowers, luxurious inventory such as tall candlesticks, tall vases or a lot of smaller vases.

For more photos of inspiration, check out ourPinterest board

luxury wedding

flower wall


Think about how much money you are able to invest in your wedding decorations.

The proposed amounts in our questionnaire vary from 500 kn – onwards.

For lower amounts, it is possible to make items such as wedding bouquets, smaller weddings such as dinners for those closest to you, etc.

The prices of the average wedding (we are talking about 15-20 tables) range from 2500 kn onwards. Prices depend on a lot of factors such as styles, type of flowers, flower season, bouquet size, number of items needed, distance of the hall, etc.

When filling out our form, think about your wishes and possibilities,

in meetings with brides item budget refers to the maximum budget that the client is ready to separate.

We at Bloom try to find a solution for everything, but in exceptional cases due to the above factors this is not possible.

*Our newlyweds pay half the amount before the wedding and half after the wedding, so they do not have to worry about the amount of their decorations before the wedding.

*This form is used to give the newlyweds a clearer picture and inspiration related to their perfect vision of decorations.

* In the case of agreed decorations, a contract is signed that equally ensures both parties, the newlyweds and us as service providers.

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