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Corberon Woods – Playful, Romantic Nature Wedding.

Corberon Woods does not need to be additionally represented, a small oasis of peace near Zagreb that visually looks like it is a perfect Pinterest photo.

Corberon Woods, flowers for the wedding

It was at Corberon Woods that we had the opportunity to create a romantic story through decorations. In this case, we did not only floral decorations, but also the whole visual identity of the wedding.

What's that mean? With the newlyweds we created an invitation and in accordance with it the rest of the details at the wedding (gifts for guests, menus, numbers for tables, cards with guest names, guest list).

wedding invitations, corberon woods

How to deduce from the very name of the Hall Corberon Woods is a location in the forest. Thus, nature has become our starting point in design. We highlighted the playful, romantic side of the newlyweds with details such as gently pink squirrels, and a specially drawn signpost to the location.

corberon woods, flowers for the wedding

The logical style of flowers in this theme would be rustic, but since the rustic style has become commonplace, we decided to do a little "twist" and flowers made in the garden style.

corberon woods wedding

Classic types of flowers such as roses and peonies, we spiced up with a freer form of the bouquets themselves with the help of greenery, and details such as wild carrots and other seasonal flowers. With this combination, we got the perfect blend of nature and classics.

corberon wedding resort

Given that Corberon woods is impressive but with a clean design, we didn't have to worry about whether this type of decoration would fit. In this space, absolutely any style can be fitted without problems.

corberon wedding resort

Although the decorations in the space were in gentle pink-white-green tones, because of the bride's wedding dress for the wedding bouquet, we chose powder roses. It's about Quick sand roses that Pinteres has been crazy about for several seasons. Due to their specific color, they are an absolute hit in the world of weddings. The wedding bouquet was made in free form, and we left the leaves on the roses for a more natural look.

wedding bouquet

In addition to the wedding bouquet, we also blended roses for bridesmaids, lapels and a bracelet for the maid of honor.

This detailed planning of decorations requires more time and effort, but with a clear vision of the newlyweds and our help, it gives a unique opportunity for your wedding to be fully tailored to you. With all these elements, we get the opportunity to truly tell the story through decorations, and it is no longer about "just flowers" or "just invitations", but about a serious design that is noticed in all design elements.

corberon wedding

As far as Corberon woods is concerned, we absolutely recommend this space for all newlyweds who are looking for a casual, modern, natural space.

Wedding decorations
wedding decoration
Flowers for the wedding
corberon wedding
corberon wedding
Wedding decorations
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