il secondo zagreb

Il Secondo Zagreb

In the midst of the pandemic, when weddings were allowed again, we received an inquiry for the organization of weddings in Il second in Zagreb. Il Secondo is an Italian restaurant on Avenija Dubrovnik. Although the location of the restaurant itself does not seem like an obvious choice for a wedding, in the colder months due to its interior is a very good choice. The restaurant itself is decorated...

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corberon woods wedding, flowers for wedding zagreb

Corberon Woods – Playful, Romantic Nature Wedding.

Corberon Woods does not need to be additionally represented, a small oasis of peace near Zagreb that visually looks like it is a perfect Pinterest photo. It was at Corberon Woods that we had the opportunity to create a romantic story through decorations. In this case, we did not only floral decorations, but also the whole visual identity of the wedding. What's that mean? We're with the newlyweds...

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pantone living coral

Pantone Living Coral – Color of the Year in the World of Weddings

The wedding industry "went crazy" with excitement when Pantone introduced a new it color – Living Coral. Pinterest has been flooded with various ideas in this color overnight, and our Instagram feed has been packed with this nuance since it was publicly posted. What is Pantone and why does their choice matter? In short, Pantone is an American company that exists ...

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Hotel Academia Zagreb

Hotel Academia Wedding – Modern decorations

Hotel Academia Wedding Can you imagine giving your florist absolute freedom in creating your decorations? Well, that's exactly what happened in the story we're bringing you. From the newlyweds we only received instructions that the decorations should not be classic and to be a bit wild. We didn't get a detailed list of what colors and types of flowers they want, not even what type ...

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autumn wedding

Autumn wedding – Hotel Academia

Autumn wedding is always a good decision, because of its wonderful colors. But many newlyweds are afraid of rain, so they often choose the hall as protection from potential rain. Hotel Academia in Zagreb is located in the center and has a very modern hall. This is not the first time we have done decorations in this hall and every time we look forward to engagement ...

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Moslavina story

Moslavina story – Rustic decorations surrounded by nature

Only an hour from Zagreb is the Moslavina Story, a property surrounded by beautiful forests and natural beauty. This place is perfect for rest and relaxed atmosphere, and the advantage is that on otherwise too warm days, pleasant temperatures prevail in the shade of the forest (our flowers were especially grateful for this). 

rustic wedding

Rustic wedding – Eco house Trpuci

This small, rustic wedding was also the first fully arranged through our form The newlyweds decided to hold their rustic wedding in the adorable eco house Trpuci, which with its nature perfectly suits the chosen style.

Wedding Trip

Wedding theme – Travel- ideas for your perfect wedding!

The theme of the wedding is an excellent choice for organizing a unique wedding, when the newlyweds have some common interest that great represents them as a couple. Travel is often the theme chosen for the wedding. The road to a perfect wedding is long and often quite arduous. In a sea of styles and choices, newlyweds often find themselves in a situation where they are completely "lost". Personally...

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flowers for events,

A trap called Pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool for almost everything, but we have to make sure we look at images realistically. I often mention Pinterest on the blog, it is the starting point between the bride and me when we start planning her decorations. I also apply it with business clients, but I also use it when studying world trends. Everyone who uses Pinterest as much as I have experienced...

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