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il secondo zagreb

Il Secondo Zagreb

In the midst of the pandemic, when weddings were allowed again, we received an inquiry for the organization of weddings in Il second in Zagreb. Il Secondo is an Italian restaurant on Avenija Dubrovnik. Although the location of the restaurant itself does not seem like an obvious choice for a wedding, in the colder months due to its interior is a very good choice. The restaurant itself is decorated...

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coronavirus and wedding

Coronavirus and wedding

Coronavirus and wedding don't exactly go hand in hand. But even though this whole situation is stressful for everyone, I believe that the newlyweds are under additional pressure and stress and fear for their wedding. But don't panic! Due to this whole situation with coronavirs and weddings, the most important thing is to stay cool and think as rationally as possible. Bloom Croatia throughout the...

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Wedding in 2020

Wedding in 2020 – Trends

Wedding in 2020, we are entering a new wedding season with a handful of new trends. This year we expect more relaxed, unusual, modern weddings with a departure from classic forms, colors and approaches to weddings. It is important to keep in mind that just because something is trending this year does not mean that your ideas that are not in that direction are ...

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environmentally sustainable wedding

Environmentally sustainable wedding – Where to start?

An environmentally sustainable wedding at first sounds like a big undertaking that will further complicate the entire wedding planning process. However, given that we hear about environmental sustainability in all other aspects of life, it is not surprising that there is a lot of discussion on the topic of weddings about what are the ways to make your big day what ...

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bouquet for the bride

Wedding flowers – basic styles + bride form

[formdable id=2] Flowers for a wedding are an essential detail for many brides. It's easy to get lost in all styles and super images on Pinterest. Flowers for the wedding where and how to start planning in the first place? To facilitate the whole process we have designed a simple form related to flowers for the wedding, which you can fill out here The purpose of this form is to ...

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Azuma Makoto

Instagram profiles that you absolutely need to follow

In modern times, when we are passionate about something, we usually partially satisfy that passion by looking at the best of the best in the field. I think it's more than obvious that I follow a lot of Instagram profiles related to flowers. Anything that's different, beautiful, modern and has to do with flowers, I'll be obsessed with it. Instagram profiles are the first...

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flowers for events,

A trap called Pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool for almost everything, but we have to make sure we look at images realistically. I often mention Pinterest on the blog, it is the starting point between the bride and me when we start planning her decorations. I also apply it with business clients, but I also use it when studying world trends. Everyone who uses Pinterest as much as I have experienced...

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DIY Wedding Decoration

DIY wedding decorations. Why not take on such challenges?

DIY wedding decorations are becoming more and more common, especially when it comes to flowers. I've been thinking about this post for a long time and how best to word a thousand things I have to say on the subject. To begin with, I would like to say that I am not only writing this post from the perspective of a florist, but also from the perspective of someone who has chosen the DIY path ...

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wedding flowers zagreb

Wedding bouquet – Ideas and inspiration

Wedding is a special day in the life of every woman, and in the sea of decoration definitely the most important is the wedding bouquet. Since we try to understand the needs of all our clients, including brides, we devote a lot of time to reading forums, blogs and comments in order to better understand what exactly the average Bloom user wants. To understand what women want is enough...

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