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Writers' Club, film magic in the center of Zagreb

This wedding in the Club – in The Writer was really special.

Read what it looks like when our newlyweds are two creatives with crazy ideas.

We did the decoration in the Writers' Club, which is decorated in an old-fashioned Zagreb style and is located on Ban Jelacic Square. The space has two romantic balconies that have an excellent view of the very center of Zagreb, many vintage details and is great for more intimate weddings. 


Flowers for the wedding

I have to admit that we often had to brainstorm to find creative solutions that would fit into the unusual themes that stretched throughout the wedding. However, along with excellent newlyweds, that brainstorming was interesting and fun. We started from the fact that the choice of flowers fell on colorful, vibrant tones.


Writers' Club

The arrangements should not have been too big because the tables in the hall are slightly smaller than the traditional ones, and yet the newlyweds wanted wild forms. Over time, we learned that each table does not carry a number, but the name of a film, concluding with the table of newlyweds that represented the dream of Midsummer Night. Merging one such classic with a boho theme is i have to admit a bit risky. We opted for a long garland made of greenery, colorful flowers and imported fruit. Behind the garland were high candles for a more romantic impression.

As a list of tables, we designed and made a box of wood with lighting, and a poster with the names of tables and guests. The inspiration for this accessory was antique poster boxes that we can see in front of theaters and old cinema halls.

The last and biggest challenge was the space behind the newlyweds' table. Namely, behind their table there were long black and white prints with printed Glagolitic script on them. Although this addition fits perfectly with the Writers' Club, it did not fit into the topic for us. We decided to recreate the theater curtains with a combination of curtains made of lights, white fabric in the middle, two burgundy curtains on each side that we tied with greenery.


With this, we successfully hid a design that didn't fit, added a dose of romance, and stayed in a film/theater theme that perfectly suits our newlyweds.

wedding decoration

As a result, we received an adorable, youthful design that is associated with the private interests of our newlyweds.  Interestingly, it merged with the vintage decoration of the writers' club and we got an aesthetically different wedding than all the others.

Writers' Club

This wedding is an example of how themed weddings are great, especially if the chosen theme reflects your hobbies and passions. Specifically, this wedding had several themes, boho, film and theatre, but we managed to incorporate everything into one interesting whole.

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