Wedding in 2020

Wedding in 2020 – Trends

Wedding in 2020, we are entering a new wedding season with a handful of new trends.

This year we expect more relaxed, unusual, modern weddings with a departure from classic forms, colors and approaches to weddings.

It is important to keep in mind that just because something is trending this year does not mean that your ideas that are not in that direction are less important or less good.

These posts, which we write every year, serve to inspire and talk about upcoming trends, but they are by no means an absolute must for everyone.

A modern wedding in 2020 will be creative with a focus on the personality of the newlyweds, unusual locations will be chosen and daily weddings will no longer be a complete taboo on our scene.

The focus is on the fact that the decorations are aligned with the printed materials and that the overall impression is eventually uniform in the defined style and color palette.

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These are some of the top wedding trends in 2020

Environmentally sustainable wedding

In 2020, there is a lot of focus on weddings like this. Modern newlyweds no longer only care about the stylish appearance of weddings, but also their impact on the environment.

You can read our blog post about tips for environmentally sustainable weddings here:

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  1. Smaller weddings

More and more newlyweds strive for smaller weddings to which only those with whom they have an intimate relationship are invited. Although larger weddings still prevail in Croatia, we too notice an increase in the category of smaller weddings. Personally, I love both, at the end of the day it's a matter of personal choice.

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  1. Lighting

Weddings in 2020 – which follow trends will pay special attention to lighting. Professional lighting in natural, warm tones without too many effects comes into fashion, as well as various lamps and neon inscriptions.

Wedding in 2020
  1. Unusual menus for everyone

Another trend is a shift away from standard food at weddings and a growing desire for special menus. Greater attention is also paid to the needs of guests, so that there is something for everyone from food (such as for vegans, vegetarians, guests with gluten intolerance or with other allergies).

Instead of stew, we can more and more often see burgers as a late-night dish, and a menu offer that moves away from tradition.

As far as cakes and desserts are concerned, seasonal fruits are popular as well as the addition of edible flowers.

Classic sweet tables are slowly going into oblivion and we can see more and more personalized checkpoints at weddings (such as donut corner, pretzels, fruit, craft beer, gin, etc.)

  1. Flowers

In the flower world this year we have several novelties:

Palm leaves in large quantities are one of the bigger trends in 2020.

Bleached flowers and greenery is also a newer trend, and is often combined with dried plants that are also recognized as one of the trends. Personally, this is one of the most interesting novelties in the world of weddings.

Arrangements in the same color but different tones that are combined to get an interesting final result is another trend in a row that we are looking forward to.

Flowers arranged in plexia that give the impression of a work of art is definitely a trend for those braver but also fuller pockets. This trend really looks enchanting and becomes an integral part of all lovers of a more luxurious wedding style.

As far as flower installations are concerned, flower walls slowly go into oblivion and the focus shifts to hanging installations. Some of the more popular ones are decorated with the help of wire and various constructions, and the simpler ones are hanging hanging flowers on various ribbons and materials.

Also rustic jars as a cheaper decoration slowly goes out of trend, and is replaced by decorations in various bottles, simple vases, where by combining individual simple flowers of various types and heights, it gets a romantic and modern look. This type of decoration is recommended to anyone who wants modern but budget friendly decorations

Color palettes for the wedding in 2020 – oj

Hit color palettes often include pantone color of the year. In 2019, it was coral and in 2020 it was classic blue. We notice that color palettes immediately appeared with this shade of blue in the world of weddings, so this year we are following Pantone.

In addition to blue, green tones and various earth tones are also in fashion.

Trends in print (invitations, thank you notes, table numbers, etc.)

We have a wide range of trends here because more and more attention is paid to this category of decoration.

From the use of unusual materials such as plexia, glass, canvas to simpler fonts and vectors dedicated to nature.

Also, there are very modern various inscriptions with unusual text that in some way have to do with a couple getting married. This is a great way to bring your story closer to guests and brighten up your big day.

In this category, we are sure that everyone will find a fashionable piece to their liking.

All in all, 2020 seems like a beautiful year for weddings and we are not patiently expecting a new wedding season, whether it follows trends or not :).

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